About Us

“Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament”
(Daniel 12: 3)

Recently, darkness filled up the world in all sorts of forms; that it had occupied streets, homes, relationships and marriages. That the creation was subjected to futility, and the darkness went into churches and worship places. There was never such darkness before, no such darkness in the old days. Man never reaches such degree of cruelness, dominance, stubbornness, arrogance, and selfishness; he never before reached this degree of bitter bondage. As darkness grows and continues, the man got used to it, that sin and evil became part of the human nature; and he drank iniquity like water.

In the midst of such darkness, there is a truth that sets us free, the Bible, the Word of God; however, it is a hidden truth. Although many hear about it and even read it, however because of the deep darkness, they could not live it, they did not even wish to live it in this dark world.

This ministry is for everyone, and in particular of the people of God. It is for every pastor, minister, reverend, preacher, prophet, priest and bishop, for everyone in the frontlines and all the way back. For us to unite and shine together in the midst of this darkness, to have a new beginning, to wake up from the severe drunkenness and indifference, even from getting used to a lifestyle that is completely different from the life which God asked us to live, the life which is described in the Bible.

Let us together live what is written in the Bible, not to preach it but to let it into our lives, homes, churches, relationships and work. So that we would return to fear and honor God, so that the fear of God would be our treasure.

“The upright shall dwell in Your presence.” (Psalm 140: 13) We need to see the face of God, it is permissible for us all, only if we lived in uprightness and believed in what Christ did on the cross.

Our faith is that we were created to always pray and without ceasing, so that we would continually be in a constant connection with God. We believe that dwelling in the presence of God, allows God to intervene with His miracles in the smallest details of our life, as well as to provide physical, psychological and spiritual healing, to straighten our behavior, to truly open our eyes on the depth of our souls, and to deliver us whatever our bondages are.

The core of our ministry is to let God’s kingdom come on earth, to live the heaven now while we still on earth. This requires practice and prayers to take place; and this has an impact on God’s people and on the entire creation. When we consecrate ourselves and offer them as a sacrifice to the Lord, this happens. This is what fills our hearts, Andy’s and Marian’s, to offer ourselves to become vessels that hold the presence of God within; as the Bible says, “you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you” (1 Corinthians 3: 16). Therefore, the matter is not hypothetical or theoretical, however our sanctification and our invitations for others to sanctify themselves, are able to prevent much possible destruction, and are able to take off many curses, to bring blessings on earth and on the people of God.

Our yearning is for the Bible to become a livable constitution and a spiritual approach, for us to live by and to invite others to live by; that this constitution would become the guideline for all life situations of all our days; therefore, we invite others to make the Bible their guideline and their map to reach the kingdom.

We believe that God provides for all the needs in a miraculous way; and we believe in the miraculous healing and in the deliverance. For God still heals, delivers, and provides for all the needs. However, this is not our aim, though it will take place in our journey; however if it got delayed or even did not take place, this will not hold us back or prevent us from focusing on the Lord, for our eyes are always fixed on the heaven, because the Lord is near.

We believe that prayers shall take place all the time, not on certain times or according to rituals. For it is unacceptable to be separated from God during the journey of life. Prayer is a living practice not a segment to perform. Everything take place during prayers; we receive God’s leadership and guidance for our lives, we taste God’s beauty and we enjoy it, we allow God to reign over us and over others so that ours and their lives would be transformed from darkness to light, and God exposes the devil’s plots and his characteristics which were adapted by the creation, God also teaches us how to get freed from the devil’s nets, for we are not ignorant of his devices. For we believe that the people of God are at war with Amalek from generation to generation. Yet in all these things we shall be more than conquerors through Him who loved us. All these matters will take place during prayers, through teachings, and while reading the Bible to transform it to a livable life.

Our goal is to expose the devil and his plots, to devastate them. Our goal is to let God reign over us, over others, and over the church. We believe this will change, deliver, and transform us to God’s image.

We believe that God wants us to become saints and perfect in His likeness; this process requires attentiveness and time, so the tree would bear fruits after going though dying and perseverance. We believe in Grace which enables us during this journey, however we do not disregard our part of perseverance.

We do not belong to an organization, church, or denomination, however our yearning is for the people of God to get united, to become One Church. We believe that each church is ours, and we belong to the entire people of God of every denomination; for we see that denominations are an evil made matter with all the spirits of selfish ambitions that comes along. We believe that we need all the teaching and anointing that are poured upon the people of God. In addition, we believe that our home is a church as well, that gathers people, so God comes among u and fills us all.

We care for pastoralism and discipleship that is led by the Spirit of God; for we believe that God shall lead us through the smallest spiritual, physical, social, and financial details.

The presented teaching in this ministry is derived from the direct messages which we receive from God, these which sometimes are received during actual life situations that take place in our life or in the lives of those who are close to us. In each situation, even the smallest, God always have a word about it, and Marian transferred the Lord’s guidance and revelations to His people, so they would follow these guidelines in their daily lives.